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Al Hussein
Wooden Houses


Established in 1969, Sultan Zaid Sultan Al Hussein Factory initially specialized in manufacturing doors and woodwork. In 1989, we transitioned our focus to specialize in crafting cottages and exterior woodwork. With decades of experience, we have adopted the latest European technology in manufacturing wooden houses and woodwork.

About Us

For Your Various Needs

We offer a range of cottages with customizable details, tailored to your preferences, making sure that nature becomes an integral part of your living space.

We Reach You Wherever You Are!


For Homes


For Farmer


For Offices


For Parks and Complexes

Nature Wherever You Go

We draw inspiration from the enchanting beauty of nature in our designs and utilize natural resources in construction, making sure that nature accompanies you wherever you are!


Innovative Designs

At Al-Hussein Country Homes, we prioritize the uniqueness and splendor of our designs while maintaining international quality standards. Our cottages are manufactured according to European codes using CNC production, ensuring precision without human intervention.
“The comfort and expectations of our customers are paramount to us.”

Best Design

Why Al Hussein Country Houses?!

Why Al hussain houses

Invest your cottage

Seize the opportunity to transform your cottage into a sustainable source of income. Join the ranks of successful shelter hosts by leveraging our products.

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