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Who Are We

We are the Sultan Zaid Sultan Al Hussein Factory, established in 1969 in the field of manufacturing doors and woodwork. Since 1989, we have specialized in manufacturing cottages and exterior woodwork. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience, leading us to adopt the latest European technology for manufacturing wooden houses and exterior woodwork.

Our factory is fully equipped with German technology and equipment, utilizing the finest types of wood available globally. Our products are crafted using CNC technology without the need for manual carpentry work, ensuring precision and efficiency. Our team of specialized researchers and engineers carefully assesses wood thickness to suit the environments of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab countries, enabling us to compete with the top European factories in outdoor woodwork production. This commitment has made us the preferred choice for wooden homes and exterior woodwork.

With over five decades of experience, the Sultan Zaid Sultan Al Hussein Wooden Industries Factory has become a leading name and a benchmark in the industry. Our works can be found across various regions of the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Our Vision

We strive diligently to lead the research and development team at our factory, aiming to strengthen the position of the cottage industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Our Goals

Our objectives include enhancing working methods, developing specialized installation and processing techniques, and introducing innovative and sustainable designs. These efforts are geared towards solidifying our position as leaders in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Al Hussein Country Homes?

Since our company’s inception over five decades ago, we have consistently adhered to the highest Saudi and international standards to deliver top-quality services and products to our customers.

Wooden huts have a rich history dating back thousands of years across various regions and countries worldwide. Al Hussein Country Homes takes pride in contributing to the enhancement of wooden home construction both locally and globally. Originating in the Bronze Age around 3500 BC in Eastern Europe, the construction of huts has evolved into a sophisticated industry in modern times. Our huts feature special architectural and engineering designs, manufactured entirely using CNC machines without traditional carpentry work. We specifically utilize Pine trees, particularly those growing in snowy areas year-round, away from rivers and lakes.

Wood exhibits up to six times greater resistance to cold and heat compared to concrete.

The density of Pine trees varies depending on various factors, including the age of the trees, their geographical location, and the temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Not all types of Pine trees are suitable for hut construction.


For instance, consider a country like Germany, known for its significant role in global hut construction and Pine wood exports. Despite its prominence in the industry, Pine wood from Germany may not meet the density and hardness standards required for hut construction due to its lower density and hardness.


Instead, wood meeting the necessary density and hardness standards is imported from other countries specifically for hut construction. Wood from countries meeting these criteria is utilized solely for building huts, while German Pine wood may be reserved for decorative purposes such as bedrooms and interior doors.


Therefore, several criteria must be met when selecting Pine trees for hut construction, including the trees’ growth in consistently cold climates throughout the year and considerations regarding the tree’s age at the time of harvesting.

In addition to manufacturing wooden huts, Al-Hussein Company specializes in all aspects of exterior woodwork.

Yes, all our services come with a 15-year guarantee.

Why Al Hussein Country Homes?!

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Seize the opportunity to transform your cottage into a sustainable source of income. Join the ranks of successful shelter hosts by leveraging our products.

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